This week a writing friend of mine put up an advertisement that said, “Last day to sign up for a writing group.”  I clicked on the link, and it’s a bunch of moms writing to get published.  After trying to talk myself out of it, I joined.  Once I did, I found myself getting excited.  Someone to have to have something written for within a week is pretty good motivation for moving on.  How many times do you think they’ll let me resubmit the SAME chapters?  *GRIN*  There’s only four to a group, so the reading of manuscripts shouldn’t be difficult.

I’m actually writing again.  What a feeeeeeelin’…..

I promise to post a renewed prologue soon – after talking to my husband and 16 yr old daughter, I realized that I had cut out some really good stuff to appease a mentor that didn’t write fantasy.  Dave probably would have liked it.  So with a little word magic, I’m bringing back the fight scene between Josef and the Gestapo… with a new twist.  Interested?