I apologize for the length of time it takes me to answer comments lately.  There are reasons, but you’re not here to read about all that.  You’re here about the Write World.  I have replied to all comments to my knowledge.  If I missed one, please let me know.  No comment should go unanswered.  😉

Does it get you there?

The other day I was reading an excerpt of a book by Janine Bolon called, Money, It’s Not Just for Rich People.   In it she explains that before you do anything else, you need to determine where you’re headed.  Then you need to watch every single penny you spend.  While you’re watching, you’re asking yourself, “Does this get me to my ultimate goal?”

Later that night, I sat down to read a book.  It was a book I was curious about, but it wasn’t on my need to read list.  It had nothing to do with anything.  It was a novel based on a reporter – I don’t care for reporter stories.  I opened it up, and read the first few pages.  Not feelin’ it.  I braced myself to blow through it.  Then the thought came.


Why blow through something that has nothing to do with anything?  I’m never going to write a story like this.  I’m not going to learn about style or characterization or anything else by blowing through the story.  That takes methodical reading.

So I sent the book back to the library.  Big.  Huge.  Relief!

Instead, I’m reading Timeline again.  And then I have Harry Potter #7 on my list.  And a few more bestsellers.  And Larry Reed’s Story Structure ebook.   And I write on my own story for a few hours.   Maybe as well as our money, we should be watching how we spend our TIME.  Time is too precious to waste.

Haha – this from the girl writing a time traveling book.  😀

PS  Will someone please tell me that Hunger Games is much better than what the 1st chapter looks like?  So far I hate it.  There is nothing positive going on, and that’s a huge turn off for me.  In my world (write or real), things might be pretty darn ick, but there is always something to be glad for.