I have decided that I’m going to have to change my title.  I have mixed feelings about it, because I really liked Verboten! My sixteen yr. old said, “Oh come on – what teen doesn’t want to read something that’s forbidden?” But..  I’ve been told that typically editors don’t like to use foreign words for titles.

I kinda ignored that for two years as I’ve developed this novel, but I’ve come to realize as I get deeper into it that Verboten! makes the novel sound like it has to do with Germany.  While a lot happens in Germany, that’s not the focal point.  Kinda misleading…  The story arc takes us back to the Norse.  Not to mention I don’t want forbidden thoughts going around in people’s heads when they pick it up!  Or worse, won’t pick it up because of the title!  Sooo…  here’s my big reveal.  *Drumroll*

The Son of Asgard.

I haven’t told my daughter yet because I know she’ll fight me on it – she likes the shortness of Verboten! I can’t think of anything that short and mysterious for a new working title!  I considered The Warrior of Asgard, but that’s misleading too.  That would be a better title for a later book.  When I get that far.  * cough cough*  Anywho,  think I should keep my old title or do you like the new one better?  Thoughts?  ‘Cause I could use some.  😉

Truth is, for all my braveness, I want to quickly delete this post and go back to Verboten! 😛

PS  Can anyone tell me how to delete the sticky I put up there?  ‘Cause I can’t remember how I did it!  Brilliant!!!!