Recently I was in a session with a Calyco healer (healing through energy).  As we were talking, she related an interesting story.  She has a friend that has a beautiful voice and recorded a CD professionally.  The healer had bought the CD and started to listen to it, but couldn’t get through half of it because she felt anxious.  This happened every time she plugged in the CD, so she threw it away.  Later she asked her friend, “What was going on when you made that CD?”  The healer’s friend related a tale of being rushed through production, always feeling behind, and overall… anxious.

Since then I’ve noticed writers saying things like, “I just got my manuscript back from the editors, and the only chapters they disliked were the ones I didn’t like.”  Coincidence?  I’ve also talked to another author who said her bestselling book is the one she really loved as she wrote it.  Interesting.

My thought is, pay attention to how you’re feeling as you write.  We can’t help life going on around us – sometimes it’s ideal and sometimes it’s not.  Authors are human!  Imagine!  However, you don’t have to let life affect you “in the zone.”  If it’s true you can mass produce feelings, you don’t want to produce something people are going to act adversely to.

Now there’s a plot.  Someone writes a book that mass produces _________ and makes ____________ happen.  That could be a cool story!