My husband told me he thinks I need to change my pen name.


Then he said, “As much as I love the fact that you’re willing to put my [last] name on your books , I think dropping my name and just using your first and middle names will sounds better.  You’ve got a cool name – use it.”


First, I am overwhelmed that he’d even say something like that.  What an amazing, fantastic man I’m married to.

Second…  It’s tempting.  We even talked about this with Dave at the WIFYR conference.  I remember someone saying to me that I should do that.  Did I discuss this with him earlier and now he’s deciding this?  I dunno.

So, opinions please.  Aine ——, or Aine Maura?

I’m having trouble deciding, because I look at Aine Maura and think… Aine Maura ???  LOL – It makes me laugh, because I’ve had old school chums tell me, “I thought you were a weird kid when you moved to Montgomery because your name was weird.”  And now…  it’s cool.  Esp. for a fantasy author.  Gaelic and Norse are IN.  Thank you, Mr. Tolkien.

We should all be born with crystal balls!

PS.  I sat down and wrote 4000k in one sitting.  And was pleased with the work!  Whoot!  Han Solo said, “Sometimes I amaze myself.”  I totally get where he was coming from.  =D