This morning I was in the middle of brushing my teeth when one of the twins came in to ask me a question.  I immediately responded even though I didn’t stop the process of brushing my teeth.  Mothers!  We’re always trying to multitask.

My four year old looked at me and said, “Mommy, I can’t understand you because your mouth is full of toothpaste.”

No kidding.

This little exchange got me thinking about my writing.  Larry Brooks over at Story Fix is a strong advocate of clarifying before you write.   Before this year, I worked hard on my story, The Son of AsgardTwo years of working on it.  I couldn’t get it to go anywhere.  Then I started mapping out my story.  I did more in one afternoon of mapping to elevate my story than I had done in those hard two years!

I’m all for organic writing – of letting the story write itself.  I’m pretty much doing that with NaNo, but with a bare bones outline guiding me along the way.  Knowing the key ingredients of STORY and mapping out at least a brief outline can mean the difference of talking with my mouth full of toothpaste or  spitting before I speak.  Instead of writing a lot of words to confuse myself, I have clarity on how to get there.