The conference was AMAZING.  I didn’t get as much written as I’d hoped because after a day full of massive amounts of information being dumped into my head my brain was literally mush.  I even fell asleep one night while my husband rubbed my feet and I never do that.  NEVER.  Love it when I get that much value for my dollar!  After spending yesterday just enjoying family, I’ll be ready to jump back on the NaNo writing wagon with an objective of finishing strong.

Of course…. we are in the middle of a Blizzard Warning.  A Warning doesn’t mean it will actually happen, and I’m hoping we get the snow without the wind.  Lots of snow = cuddly day curled up with the kids, snow men, and lots and lots of writing.  Blizzard = possible power outage.  Not cool… my battery on the laptop only lasts so long!  I bought some propane and paper goods.  We have water and easy fixins for food.  I’m all for a day of nothin’ but writin’.

How goes it where you’re at?  My family in friends in Texas are taunting me…. it’s a balmy 86 there!