That’s the trend isn’t it?

No seriously, this is actually a friend that is doing amazing things.  *I* want to do amazing things.  I’ve always had a strong testimony of the power of association.  Want to be amazing?  Find amazing people to be around.  They’re everywhere.

Anyway, he started his life coaching business and I’ve been listening to him.  I finally decided that it’s time for me to give it a go.  My self talk on writing is HORRIBLE. If you don’t know about self talk, you can learn about it here:

So my self talk is something like, “No one wants to read this.”  “Wow – that was absolute trash.”  Any wonder why I suffer from writer’s block so frequently?

My friend specializes in self talk.  That’s why I hired him. Time to scrub out the bad so there’s room for the inspiration.  Not just for writing, but for all kinds of things.  I’ll let ya know how it goes.  In the meantime, watch your own – don’t let the bad voices clutter your head.  Stuff their mouths with socks or something.

Wow – that’s a great visual, isn’t it?!  😀

BTW – I created a facebook page strictly for my pen name.  When I get a few extra minutes I’ll throw the badge on here.  Strictly writing business, not the stuff about the kids and what not with my other one.