Hello from the grave.  😉

Since my last post I have moved to a wonderful 100 yr. old house and taken several trips with my kids.  It is amazing, but I have also written in that time.  The closer I get to my goal, the more I realize how delicate balancing life and writing can be.  Both would consume me if I let them – discipline dictates moderation.

Difficult, when one considers I am hopelessly lost in my creative world.  Son of Asgard no longer beckons to me.  It demands my attention.  I have started carrying with me a notepad and everytime a thought passes through my head I find myself writing it down.  I feel obsessed as people remind me I am in a conversation and suddenly dropped off (usually to imagine a scene being played out in my mind).

It is a hard thing, in my opinion, to be linked to a story that I didn’t write in a month, or even a year.  It’s been a long three years – close to four, really, with peaks and valleys of inspiration.  I finally asked myself, “Just how many epiphanies do I need???”  My answer was, “Until it’s written.”

Oh that’s brilliant.

My sister who has read this story in every phase recently read part one (there are three parts) of my backstory.  She emailed me and mentioned how she couldn’t believe how much I had evolved as a storyteller.  Not just the story – me as a writer.  It made me think of my favorite classic writers and their own paths – some of them took notes and worked on a piece for years, just like I have.  Orson Scott Card in his book, How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy even mentions how there are some ideas that have needed years to stew.

Simply put, some things are worth sticking with. Even when your husband exclaims, “Will you please just write the damn thing???”

Working on it, Sweetheart.

PS  I am participating in NaNo this year.  You?