I participated in NaNo last month until I hit about 16k.  I hit a wall that I didn’t think I’d have, and set my story down.  I have read a lot about outlining and getting the story hashed out, etc. etc. etc….   but this was something unexpected.  My husband was a big help – he took me to dinner and for two hours we discussed what was happening, and I finally came to the conclusion that my setting was all wrong.

Basically, it meant a complete rewrite of about eight thousand words.  AGAIN.

This is the moment where I rolled my eyes in exasperation of myself and hung it on the shelf for awhile.  I’ve been making Christmas presents and playing house and recuperating from my chiropractor rotating my pelvic bone.  Yeah – that’s super fun.  *read sarcasm here*  Not. one. stitch. of writing.

Then… Ta-da!  I have had a short story idea floating in my head.  It’s nothing that would ever be printed – fan fiction, actually.  The more I think on it the more I realize I really want to rewrite The Wedding of Sir Gawaine.   Keep the premise, but put a new spin on it.  Yeah, yeah, it’d be good practice, but most of all – it’s be FUN.  I used to think writing was fun.  I’d like to get that old feeling back.

Stay tuned – I will posting chapters of the story here as well as on Fanfiction.net.  I know – lots of people hate fan fiction.  Well, all I can say is, a lot of people liked the Gargoyles story I wrote (but never finished) ages ago – and they didn’t even like Fantasy.

Write what you love – and I do love rewrites of old legends/fairytales/myths.  🙂