I meant to get this out to you much sooner but I went out of town.

At LTUE I sat in a classroom that was overstuffed with people (shhh!) and got to hear James A. Owen and the rest of the panel (which included the awesome Michael R. Collings) speak on Tolkien and C.S. Lewis.  During that panel James and Michael blew me away.  I knew I had to be there for James’ keynote address the following day.  He had already inspired me, and I was hungry for more.

He did not disappoint.

Rather than tell you about his AMAZING keynote address, I want to share two things with you.  First, the book pictured above, Drawing out the Dragons, is  FREE right now on James’ site.  CLICK HERE to download it.  This is the time sensitive material – it is NOT about drawing dragons, but it is.  You’ll see what I mean.  Did I mention IT’S FREE and AMAZING?  I read in within a couple of hours and I’m going to reread it over and over.  That deal is over in about 8 1/2 hours – (it is 8:34 pm on Tuesday 2/21/2012).  Please share on Twitter or Facebook, etc.  James wants anyone who wants a copy to have one.

The other thing I want to do for you is give you THIS LINK TO A PODCAST OF HIS LTUE KEYNOTE ADDRESS.  It is also free, and the author is well aware it is out there and is giving the link out to it too in case anyone wants to listen to it.  I suggest listening to the podcast AND reading the book because although both cover some of the same material, each has a bit more of his story.  And it’s cool to hear James impersonate the Irish.  😀  I admit, I downloaded it and I have listened to it twice since the Conference on my MP3.

If you don’t make it to this freebie, that’s okay.  You can still buy the e-book version, the hardback version, or the paperback version.  So it’s all good.  You can order those HERE.

Yes – it’s THAT GOOD.  I read it and loved it.  My husband read and loved it.  My eighteen-year-old daughter is devouring it now.  Please head over and check it out.

And now, I must go drink some Red Zinger Tea.  🙂