About Aine Maura

I have always wanted to be an author. For years I dreamed of it and constantly surprised my teachers with my “creativity” as I’d find ways of bringing fantasy into my written assignments. I got good grades too. 😉 Then I grew up and got some bad advice. I believed I couldn’t have a career AND a family, so I chose the latter for eighteen years until I decided that was a very bad idea. Now I am armed with love and support from my husband, children, mother, sister, and some super great friends – I’m determined not to let them down, especially the girl in the photo, taken in 1979.


I do my best to write everyday for 2 hours, and I usually make that goal, but I’ll be the first to admit my family comes first. However, if I don’t get the written word on the page, I make sure I’m at least reading and jotting down ideas for the next sit down session. I have been known to take off for a day or two and shut myself away in a hotel out in the middle of nowhere to keep myself focused.

Son of Asgard, my WIP, is a Y/A novel in the Contemporary Fantasy genre.  I love my characters, plot line, and everything else about it. I am hanging it up to participate in NaNo this November, but them I’m ready to finish it come December 2010.

I’ve submitted a picture book, but it wasn’t ready for publication.  I tinker with it now and then, but the novel I’m working on is my first love anyway.  I frequent writing conferences in the West.  My past two mentors were Alane Ferguson and David Farland.

In my personal life, I married my high school sweetheart and have seven amazing children.  When I’m not writing I’

m daydreaming, homeschooling, cooking, supervising, cleaning, going out with friends, network marketing, trying out new things, reading, or walking our sixty-five lb. husky.  That may sound boring, but when I drop dead at night, I find myself wishing it was just a little more boring than it is.  😉


My favorite dress is polka dotted.

My favorite car is toss up between the Camero and the Custom Corvettes.  Our Chevy dealer knows me well.

I’m a huge sci-fi/fantasy lover.   If that makes me a geek, cool.

I still ♥ pink lipstick and blue fingernail polish.  I wear both on a regular basis. I don’t believe you can outgrow either.


It wasn’t until I started hanging around other writers that I discovered that I’m normal.  😀

Welcome to the write world.


3 thoughts on “About Aine Maura”

  1. I adore that picture of you. Good for you, lady!

  2. …for following your dream…

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