Progress Made!


June 1, 2011    I have decided to absorb the prologue into the story.  Since I chose to do that, a new Chapter one had to be written.  I’ve completed the first round of critiques with Chapter one and Chapter two (formally one) has had an overhaul.  I have 2337 words.

Son of Asgard is put on hold for the month of November while I hammer out another novel for NaNo 2010.  Keep watch on my sidebar for word count updates through Dec 1st, when I’ll pick back up Joey’s story and get rolling again.  😉


I love checking things off…. and seeing progress happen!  Check in on The Son of Asgard periodically and see where we’re at!  And you never know when I’ll throw another sneak peek out there!

In a Nutshell:

1)  So far the entire book is mapped out – which is HUGE for an “organic” writer like me.  I LOVE knowing what comes next – why didn’t I think of doing an outline sooner?  DUH!!!

2)  The Prologue is in need of an overhaul – again.

3) Chapters 1 – 4 are completed.

4)  Doing some more character sketching.  Had some things come up in the outline that I need to know how my characters are going to react.  😉


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