My family is going through a transition and has needed my full attention, which has left little time for writing.  I am reminded of Alane Ferguson, author of the Forensic Mystery series for teens (and many more), who taught us two years ago that her family was first.  She had a picture up of her family and told us that long after her books were a pile of dust, unread and forgotten, her legacy would be thriving, because her family was the legacy, not the books.

Well, this transition is pretty huge for our family – by Sunday evening though, we should be evened out somewhat.  I’m sure it will take awhile to fully adjust, but it won’t be as time consuming as right now in the thick of things.  I will share that some people see this as a negative, but I am happy, and so is my family.  We understand that sometimes you have to leap into the dark to get where you want to go – look at Indiana Jones (movie III).

The writer in me must admit, I wake up with my protagonist on my mind daily….  is that weird?

Til Sunday!