Day one of NaNo didn’t go as planned, but then none of my days ever do. Still, I managed to get 1817 words, and I’m halfway to that count so far today. Woo-hoo!

It’s already showing me some interesting things about myself. For instance, I find I’m enjoying the craft so much more by focusing on the story instead of the mechanics. I know if I ever decide to do something with this (and knowing Russ, I’ll have to) then it’s going to need serious rewrites. I cringed a couple of times thinking, “Oh, that’s cliché” or “Oh… there’s a better way to write that.” BUT…. I have to say, cranking it out has it’s advantages. As in, I’m not so bogged down in details that I can’t perform.

I have done some story structure to help me out, and probably will have to do some rearranging when it’s all over.   I know my plot lines and where my holes are, but I’m not worried.  By the time I get there, I’m going to figure it out. I am SO enjoying this story…. this is FUN!!  The goal is to still think that way  in two or three weeks… hee!

See ya later!  I’m off to write some more – my goal is 1700 words a day.   I’m updating every night when I go to bed (even if it’s 2am) so you can watch on the sidebar how it’s going. Just wait for it to load – NaNo always gets a little slow with everyone logging into their servers. 😉