It’s Thanksgiving here in the states.  Had a great time with Mom and the kids, and my poor husband is having to work away from home.  It was so sad – all he had for dinner was a turkey sandwich, a hot pocket, and an avocado.

Turkey with the trimmings, it was NOT.

Here we had a pretty nice holiday dinner, except for the pie.  Someone gave us a Sara Lee pumpkin pie and I thought, “What the heck, we’ll cut a corner this year.”  BIG mistake.  Burnt on the top, stayed mushy in the middle.  From now on, I’m sticking to crustless pumpkin pie – you can’t fail with it.  Unless you’re more ungifted in the kitchen than I am!  😀  Anywho, it was chocolate chip cookies for us, and everyone was just fine with that.  And I made up a gratitude list, writer style.  Disclaimer:  These proclamations are the author’s opinions only and do not reflect the opinion of the mass public.  YET.


I’m Thankful For:

A plot that deepens with every chapter

Sweet settings

Characters that rock

Fabulous names.  Should’ve named my son Aden.  LOVE IT.

People that breath fire.  And other stuff I can’t do, but would like to.

Cool weapons.  We’ll, I think battle axes and swords are cool.  😛

An outline that keeps me on target

Sizzlin Smoochin.

Twists in the middle, twists in the end

Fur cloaks

Sprites and White Ladies

A killer hook

And a killer resolution.

Understanding of where the beast is at.  I call it:  potential publishable. 😉

Mass production of words.   The doing has boosted my confidence in a big way.

I suffer from no lost manuscripts.

Or flash drives.

My family is more serious about me succeeding as an author.  Yeah, it’s a good feeling.

The End.  As in, it’s in sight.  (Someone sing the hallelujah chorus for me, please!)


Happy Thanksgiving!  Hope you all enjoyed a wealth of family, friends, good food, and gratitude!