Hello everyone!

I’m waving to you from Salt Lake City.  Usually I blog from my home in Idaho – but I’m taking a full day to concentrate on my book today in a cute little hotel room.  I have a little kitchenette, complete with pots and pans and I have a nice little office area with a BULLETIN BOARD….  a bulletin board is an absolute must for me.  I think I’ll purchase three and have them installed in my room side by side.  You can never have too much bulletin board, but since we’re renting, I hesitate to install a wall of cork.  I already have a white board installed.  It’s a good thing my husband doesn’t mind.  Well, too terribly much, anyway.  😉

The title of this post is “reconnecting” because that’s what I’m doing today.  Reconnecting to my story and reconnecting to my thoughts as an author.  The last three days were difficult, and my word count shows:  zero.  For three days I wrote nothing new.  Instead I spent my time editing family stories – they were a comfort to me while I went through some tough stuff with the sleeping/insomnia junk .  But you can’t NaNo if you’re not focused.  So here I am, reconnecting and driving that word count back up.

Tomorrow through Sat. I’ll be writing in between classes on body language.  I know that sounds funny, but I think it will be helpful not only in writing, but when it comes to handling all that PR stuff.  Especially when it comes to meeting agents and editors.  Oh my!!  I’ll be writing on the novel during breaks and lunch, so don’t expect to see me here a whole terrible lot for the rest of the week.  Of course, you’re welcome to watch my word count explode.  😀

See ya!

♥ Aine Maura